Missi White - Owner/Stylist

     My studies as a hairdresser started in Pennsylvania by the 10th grade.  Some how I knew this was my destiny.  The same year I graduated was the same year I was hired for my first position as a licensed stylist.  This particular salon offered services that catered to a broader range of ethnicities, unlike most salons.  Having the opportunity to work at such an incredible place, taught me a greater understanding of hair and its many variations.  These learning's allowed me to work successfully as a stylist in 3 states.  Transferring my license as I made my move to permanently reside in Florida.  After working at local salons in the Tampa Bay area for several years, I came across the opportunity to open my own salon.  This allowed me to create a place where I could not only bring together what I found were the best products out there, but reestablish a salon that caters to all textures of hair.  A place where education is a part of our being.   Its so important to regulate the hairs P.H. Levels, Buildup, Dehydration, and invest in Home Care Products to achieve beautiful, cooperative hair.









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